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A foiling Design

unmatched ride quality

Often overlooked, the foiling design significantly improves ride quality. While on plane you are literally flying above most of the sea state, and in bigger seas it acts as a shock absorber for the entire craft minimizing fatigue and maximizing comfort.

30% More Efficient

Catamaran hulls are highly efficient by design with very little bow rise making for an excellent field of view at all speeds. When paired with a foil efficiency is further improved allowing you to go even further while burning less fuel, so get on out to that remote island chain or destination you’ve been eyeing.

The power of aluminum


Power to weight is everything when it comes to performance and use of 5083 aluminum in Vandal construction provides a lightweight, high strength and highly corrosion resistant material. From a safety perspective it will not fuel a fire and has better impact performance than your standard fiberglass layup. Finally at the end of it’s life cycle it’s completely recyclable and doesn’t need to end up in the land fill.

Fully customisable

Building in aluminum allows unique customizations to be made to your personal boat. Since there is no tooling your Vandal can be customized to your exact specifications…If you can dream it, we can build it.

No nonsense | Rugged Simplicity

Design Ethos / Build Quality

Vandal Explorers are built with adventurers in mind, systems are simple and reliable and the boat is overbuilt for a lifetime of service. All the way down to the fixed foil between her keels. Built of SAF2205 Stainless Steel it’s twice the strength of 316 stainless and heroically strong. it requires no special maintenance or training to operate the boat…oh and did we mention you can beach it?

Seamlessly Integrated Features

When form and function coalesce a design is not only fluid, it simply works. Features like wrap-around fenders, an integrated dinghy davit, and thoughtfully placed hatches and windows that allow for cross ventilation of all spaces are just a few of the details that makes the Vandal Explorer such a functional vessel.

Two hulls are better then one


A wider platform reduces roll at slow speeds and when embarking / disembarking personnel or toys for your next adventure to and from the vessel

More Deck Space

Catamarans carry their beam throughout the entire length of the vessel, which means more room for toys and activities, or simply to stretch your legs when compared to a similar sized monohull design.


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